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Colon Cleansing Myths

There are a lot of people all over the world that actually look at colon cleansing with a mistaken perspective. Some people think that, due to the influence of the media, colon cleansing offers such amazing benefits.

Although it is very much true that having a really effective colon cleanser will benefit a person’s overall well being, there are myths that surround this. Colon cleansing, for those who don’t know, involves cleaning out the colon with sprays of fluid.

This can be in the form of water which breaks down any of the waste materials that have clung to the walls of the large intestine, thus flushing them out easily.

A few of the many myths concerning colon cleansing are provided below.

  • The large intestine requires periodical cleansing since it’s very much the same as sewage canals – There are a lot of people who are very much gullible when it comes these matters, and would require a great deal of study and research just to find out how the colon truly works. Most people mistakenly assume that the colon requires regular cleaning. However, the truth is that the colon already possesses an internal system which cleans it up by itself. Coupled with the implementation of a well balanced diet as well as some bit of exercise, this clean up system is then ensured to be fully functional. The colon houses good bacteria which can help maintain its cleanliness. It’s because of myths like these that a lot of people believe the colon should be made pristine and free of toxin and waste buildup through constant cleansing. If this is done, there’s a good chance that even the good bacteria will be flushed away, thus making the colon even more susceptible to disorders.
  • The colon’s lining is filled with lots of waste materials which haven’t been cleaned out and cling to the walls, thus forming a thick and dense layer of plaque that can continue to stay there for years and leading to the buildup of toxins – Now this is something which a lot of doctors would argue as being complete fallacy. Waste materials don’t build up in the colon, since this organ was designed for near instant elimination of wastes. There isn’t any basis for such claims, and the truth is that mucoid plaque is formed through the constant use of colon cleansers. Any materials which have high fiber content used for spraying the intestinal tract can lead to the development of said plaque, not waste materials.
  • One must perform bowel movements which are equal to the number of times that he or she eats in a day – An adult moves his or her bowel three to twenty one times every week, and seeing as that every person is different, one cannot state that claim as true. Otherwise, people would end up dehydrating themselves due to numerous bowel movements in a day. Either that, or they would be “building up waste materials” at a large bulk.

These are just a few myths concerning the digestive system and colon cleansing.